Video Response Program

The Vboost My Lead program builds a fun and interesting video featuring the vehicle that your customer has expressed an interest in. By adding an entertaining and personal touch to the follow up process, this is a great way to cut through the clutter and convert more cold leads into warm bodies.
  1. A customer sends an inquiry about a specific vehicle on your lot.
  2. You respond with a fun video featuring new photos of their vehicle while introducing your internet sales rep.
  3. In minutes, your customer receives your unique message through email on their computer or smartphone.
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My Customer

No-Touch Wireless Digital Frames
Convert 35% more of your internet leads into appointments with My Lead
Replying with Video is the best way to stand out from your competitors. The simple Vboost process dramatically increases usage. Your team members only need to record one universal video message that is dropped into their responses. This gives the dealership all the advantage of video responses without the cumbersome process of shooting new videos every day.