“Customercials” are the best way to get sold customers to share their car buying experience. A customercial is a series of photos taken at the time of delivery that are stitched together, set to music and delivered to the customer with easy sharing capabilities, as well as helpful links that drive the customer’s Friends & Family into the dealership. Customercials go viral and produce online traffic to the dealership website, review sites and face book page. You can now go after the 4 BIG opportunities that exist with each sold customer.

Those 4 opportunities are:
  1. Referrals
  2. Positive reviews
  3. Positive CSI Scores
  4. More first service visits
Customercials have an incredibly high open rate ensuring that your messages are getting through. Extensive tracking/reporting quantifies the exposure and interactions with the dealership Vboost creates more exposure through social media in 90 days than most dealerships see all year!
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Most Vboost dealers see their customer share rates at over 100%
Customerical program users enjoy an average 100% share rate increase with Vboost.
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