“Customercials” are the best way to get sold customers to share their car buying experience. A customercial is a series of photos taken at the time of delivery that are stitched together, set to music and delivered to the customer with easy sharing capabilities, as well as helpful links that drive the customer’s Friends & Family into the dealership. Customercials go viral and produce online traffic to the dealership website, review sites and Facebook page. You can now go after the 4 BIG opportunities that exist with each sold customer.

Video Response Program

The Vboost Video Response Program builds a fun and interesting video featuring the vehicle that your customer has expressed an interest in. By adding an entertaining and personal touch to the follow up process, this is a great way to cut through the clutter and convert more cold leads into warm bodies.

My Customer

The “My Customer” program is designed to extend the exposure of the customer content that Vboost captures. The happy customer photos should be at the forefront of the dealership digital marketing as well as in the dealership. Vboost provides two great ways to get your happy customers in front of potential buyers. Vboost produces a monthly montage of happy customers that can be posted to any/all of the dealership’s digital marketing and social platforms. And with the Vboost “No Touch” digital frames the happy customer photos are now displayed at the point of sale.

No-Touch Wireless Digital Frames

The Vboost No-Touch Digital Frame program brings your happy customer photos into the showroom. All you do is plug it in — Vboost does the rest. Let today’s customers see how happy yesterday’s customers are. What better way to bring positive images into the sales process.