My Customer Montage Videos

The “My Customer” program is designed to extend the exposure of the customer content that Vboost captures. The Happy customer photos should be at the forefront of the dealership digital marketing as well as in the dealership. Vboost provides two great ways to get your happy customers in front of potential buyers. Vboost produces a monthly montage of happy customers that can be posted to any/all of the dealership’s digital marketing and social platforms. And with the Vboost “No Touch” digital frames the happy customer photos are now displayed at the point of sale. Vboost actually manages the content in these frame – All the dealer does is plug them in. More customer photos are pushed into the frames every week. These frames should be placed around the dealership – especially at the desking areas.
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No-Touch Wireless Digital Frames
More customer engagement means more online reviews

Vboost dealers often increase the number of online reviews they receive by over 100%. Taking Vboost customer photo content and sharing it online as well as in the dealership creates more referrals.