Vboost Offers Innovative Process for Auto Dealers to Boost Positive Customer Reviews

21 Apr Vboost Offers Innovative Process for Auto Dealers to Boost Positive Customer Reviews

Auto Industry Viral Marketing Innovator’s “Review Booster Process” More than Doubles

Positive Online Customer Reviews

Huntington Beach, CA – March 10, 2016 — Vboost Inc., (www.vboost.com), a viral marketing company focused on the auto industry, today announced the launch of its “Review Booster Process,” an innovative program for auto dealers looking to increase their online positive reviews.

“It’s simple and effective – our dealers see their online reviews double, and sometimes triple, with Vboost,” said Paul Moran, President and co-founder of Vboost.

According to Moran, three steps are necessary for auto dealers to dramatically increase their positive online reviews. Step one is to identify who the best/happiest customers are. Step two is to deliver a message to them quickly in a format that has a very high open rate. And step three is to give them options and walk them through the process.

“To make positive reviews happen, dealers need a process that involves their sales rep immediately after the sale. This person has intimate knowledge of and can identify the prime candidates who should become part of the Review Booster process. If you know who the happy customers are, the rest is easy,” Moran stated. “Vboost then delivers a message that includes customer photos where the open rate averages over 90%! No other consumer communication has an open rate anywhere near that high. And, the message includes direct links to online review sites, so happy customers can complete the online positive review within minutes of taking delivery.”

Vboost’s core product is a quick and easy process to capture photos at the time of vehicle delivery and immediately send these “branded” photos onto customers to share with family and friends. This message includes direct links to online review sites controlled by the dealer. The captured photos are stitched into a slideshow set to music. These are called “Customercials.” Now the customer becomes the dealer advocate by posting and sharing the video/photo packages via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms, as well as emailing and texting them to their friends and family.

Vboost then monitors and quantifies results from each viral marketing campaign and reports back to their dealers. The Vboost Viral Marketing Platform delivers and tracks thousands of viral messages monthly – all designed to create referral business for its dealers. Vboost dealers enjoy high share rates because the content is unique and relevant to their customers. These results go beyond simple page views — they reflect customers that are actually clicking and watching the dealership “Customercials.”

The Vboost “Customercials” sent to the customer include offers that drive traffic for both sales and service. Up to 35 percent of photo packages convert into online traffic for the dealership and enhanced reporting features enable dealers to better track all these interactions. Encouraging the customer to post a review immediately after delivery is important.

“Are you looking for more Google reviews, Yelp reviews, reviews on DealerRater or Edmunds? You can control where you want to point the customer. This Vboost program can be a game changer for your dealership. Plus you get all of the other viral benefits of the Vboost ‘Customercial’ program as well,” Moran said.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, call 800-799-3130 or visit www.vboost.com

About Vboost:

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Vboost, Inc., is the first process to bring more referral business to dealers by creating positive viral marketing that is delivered quickly and gets shared. It involves a streamlined process, via a mobile application and three unique technologies, which collect customer photos at the time of vehicle delivery, convert them to custom music videos and send directly to the customer. By sending these branded messages to customers during the emotional highpoint of the buying process, it has been found that most buyers are compelled to upload and share these videos with family and friends via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email and other social media platforms. Best of all, results from each viral marketing campaign are monitored, quantified and reported back to the dealers. For more information or a demonstration call 800.799.3130 or visit www.vboost.com.