Vboost Customercials Help Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen Drive Unprecedented Social Media Interactions

17 Nov Vboost Customercials Help Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen Drive Unprecedented Social Media Interactions

Huntington Beach, CA – November 17, 2015 — Vboost Inc., (www.vboost.com), a viral marketing company focused on the auto industry, today announced that its highly successful marketing program has helped Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen produce share rates of 150% and an overall viral lift of 1,500% for its innovative “customercials,” video/photo packages captured at the time of vehicle delivery and sent onto customers to share with family and friends. The customericals also have a 36% click through rate and help drive a high volume of traffic back to the dealership’s digital properties, including its website, review sites and social media pages.

According to Xavier Brizar, Digital Marketing Manager at Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen, the dealership had been using another company to boost referrals but it was too complicated for salespeople and customers to use, was very expensive, and after a year and a half produced only about 1-2 referrals per month. “I could see that taking photos with customers, which they then shared for us on their social media, was a very simple and effective process. Everyone in the dealership caught on really fast, it was not at all confusing and really made sense.”

Brizar uses UTM codes to track every marketing source, medium and campaign. This enables Google Analytics to tell him where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to the dealership, so he is able to see how effective Vboost is. “Once we email the photos and videos to our customers and they share with their family and friends via text, email and social media, we can track back and can see how many came from the app to our website. We can see how long they visited for and did they go to service, parts, etc. We track all page views and traffic and our VDP views have increased 30% year-over-year,” Brizar shared.

Since using Vboost, the average time spent on the dealership’s site if the visitor clicks over from Facebook is 14 minutes. This is substantial when compared to 3.5-4 minutes for visitors that click over from the Volkswagen factory site, and 3.5-4 minutes for AutoTrader.

“Vboost is driving better quality customers that are spending more time on our website. It is building a stronger online presence for us,” Brizar stated.

The process in the dealership is very simple. Once the customer has completed the vehicle purchase and exits the finance office, during the walk around the salesperson asks the customer if they would like their picture taken with their new vehicle. The dealership uses a Vboost branded IPad to take the photos and video, rather than one of the salespeople’s personal phones. This puts the customer at ease and over 70% of customers are happy to have their photo taken. The photos and video are then texted or emailed to the customer.

The salespeople also get creative when taking photos, such as capturing customers jumping in the air, or hugging their new car. “The customers get very excited about receiving these photos. Not too many of our customers ask us to take photos with their phone, they are comfortable with us capturing images for them. If they do not get the email or text, they contact the salesman and ask us to resend them. These emails get over an 85% open rate and produce up to 90 page views for each opened email,” said Brizar. “We post a lot of our customer pictures to Facebook and get a great response. In fact, our weekly page views are over 100,000, which is really high for this industry. Our customers, and even our vendors, look at our Facebook page to see how busy we are any given weekend,” said Brizar.

Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen is part of the Rydell Group, which is recognized as the largest dealer group in the US. Collectively, the Rydell Group currently has over 60 locations representing more than 100 franchises with over 2,000 employees.

The Volkswagen dealership prefers to take a relaxed, rather than high pressure sales approach. None of the salespeople are commissioned, which is highly unusual in this industry. This approach reflects in high customer satisfaction scores and the Customer 1st Award from Volkswagen two years in a row (2011 & 2012). The award is based on customer survey scores in both sales and service. The dealership ranked #1 out of more than 600 Volkswagen stores in America. Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen also has unprecedented high ratings across all online review sites – 4.9 stars at Google and 5.0 Stars at Yelp, Cars.com, DealerRater and Edmunds.com.

According to Brizar, as the dealership is based in Peoria AZ, which is near Phoenix and Sun City, AZ, an area full of retirees, it has to reach a broader customer base. Vboost helps reach more of the millennial generation on social media and greatly increases the dealership’s digital footprint.

A recent Vboost upgrade enables the dealership to get instant customer consent and it now receives consent to post customer photos 70% of the time. “The main thing with Vboost is that we capture that emotional high of buying a new vehicle and enable the customer to share it with their family and friends. And, even bigger, we are bringing the dealership to them multiple times and on many levels. With branding you can spend all kinds of money. But this costs very little, is incredibly simple and stays in front of the customer. And the results speak for themselves. I don’t know of anything else that produces share rates of 150%,” said Brizar.
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About Vboost:
Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Vboost, Inc., is the first process to bring more referral business to dealers by creating positive viral marketing that is delivered quickly and gets shared. It involves a streamlined process, via a mobile application and three unique technologies, which collect customer photos at the time of vehicle delivery, convert them to custom music videos and send directly to the customer. By sending these branded messages to customers during the emotional highpoint of the buying process, it has been found that most buyers are compelled to upload and share these videos with family and friends via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email and other social media platforms. Best of all, results from each viral marketing campaign are monitored, quantified and reported back to the dealers. For more information or a demonstration call 800.799.3130 or visit www.vboost.com.