Vboost Viral Marketing Program Helps Cerritos Infiniti Gain Video Share Rates over 79%, Viral Lift over 900%

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07 Jul Vboost Viral Marketing Program Helps Cerritos Infiniti Gain Video Share Rates over 79%, Viral Lift over 900%

Dealership Gains More Online Exposure in 90-Days than Most Auto Dealerships See in a Year

Huntington Beach, CA – July 7, 2015 — Vboost Inc., (www.vboost.com), a viral marketing company focused on the auto industry, today announced that Cerritos Infiniti has gained more online exposure in 90-days than most auto dealerships see in a year, through the use of video/photo packages captured at the time of vehicle delivery and sent onto customers to share with family and friends.

Over the past 90-days, the dealership produced and delivered 176 videos to its customers. 139 of those messages were opened – an open rate of 79 percent. According to Bill Stephens, General Manager at Cerritos Infiniti, the open rate is high because the video is received by the customer within minutes of vehicle delivery. 97 of these video slideshows were then shared by the customer via social media, a 70 percent share rate. “This is significantly higher than anything our dealership could achieve on its own,” said Stephens. In addition, the slideshows had a total of 1228 views, which equals a viral lift of 917 percent. Overall, the 97 shared videos produced over 9 hours of viewing time.

“I see social media experts getting excited when dozens of people interact, yet we are seeing hundreds – even thousands. I’m not aware of any other product in our industry that produces thousands of interactions – it’s incredible word of mouth. The customers get these videos within minutes, then share them on social media. Our dealership immediately becomes part of the conversation about this person getting a new vehicle – what could be better advertising?” Stephens commented. “These results go beyond simple page views — they reflect customers that are actually clicking and watching our ‘customermercials.’”

Cerritos Infiniti is situated in the Cerritos Auto Mall, a central location about halfway between Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, and a highly competitive marketplace. It is one of the top 5 Infiniti dealers on the West Coast and has a reputation for being very forward thinking, an early adopter of new technology and for being very active online and on social media.

Three years ago, General Manager Bill Stephens was looking for a better way to connect with customers online and came across Vboost, “We are always searching to see if there is something new out there, as social media is an important part of our business. Vboost seemed like a good way to go,” Stephens said. I tell my sales guys that there are 203 Infiniti dealerships around the US and we all get the same vehicles. We therefore have to do something that makes a difference in the customer’s eyes. I believe Vboost makes us stand out above the competition. One of my top salespeople sent out 34 photo packages and just his videos alone produced 305 views – Why wouldn’t every sales rep want this tool?” Stephens stated.

The process is very simple. Cerritos Infiniti uses Vboost to capture photos at the time of vehicle delivery. It then quickly gets those “branded” photos out to the customer. The captured photos are stitched into a slideshow set to music. Now the customer becomes the dealer advocate by posting/sharing the photos and/or videos. Customers have the option of sharing their customized video, or any of their photos taken at delivery. These are shared via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms, as well as emailed and texted to the customer’s friends and family. The customer can also connect directly to their sales rep and dealership sites – post public reviews, and book their first service appointment – all from the Vboost landing page. Vboost then monitors and quantifies results from each viral marketing campaign for the dealership.

When asked if their photos can be taken, very few of the dealership’s customers refuse. To encourage customer participation, the dealership has customer photos and videos all over its Facebook page. It also displays an ever-changing array of digital photos of customer’s receiving their vehicles throughout the dealership. Some customers even enquire as to how they can get their picture up on the wall. According to Stephens, his dealership uses an iPad Mini to capture images, which works better than using a Smartphone, as the customer feels that the photos/video will then be a better quality than what they could take with their own phone. The customer is then more inclined to share them. “What’s so unique is the fact that I am getting customers to put OUR information on their Facebook pages, or Instagram accounts, etc., — there’s no way we could possibly do this directly.”

Stephens also uses Vboost to help encourage customers to review his store. He likes that he can change things up and focus on whichever site needs more reviews at the time, be it Google or Yelp or DealerRater, etc. The Vboost video emails are sent with a direct link for the customer to click on to post a review, which makes the process very simple. Vboost is also used to push service coupons, such as a discounted first service. “If I can get the customer to come into dealership for three visits, I stand a pretty good chance of retaining that customer. 70 percent of customers who service here buy cars from us, so it’s really important,” Stephens said.

Cerritos Infiniti uses Vboost as part of a very active and diverse marketing program. As a result, sales are up year-over-year, which cannot be said for its competitors. “We do a lot of different things in marketing and our sales are doing well this year compared to last, whereas most of our competitors are down by as much as 50 percent, so we must be doing something right,” Stephens stated.

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About Vboost:

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Vboost, Inc., is the first proactive process to bring more referral business to dealers by creating positive viral marketing that is delivered quickly and gets shared. It involves a streamlined process via a mobile application and three unique technologies, which collect customer photos at the time of vehicle delivery, convert them to custom music videos and sends them directly to the customer. By sending these branded messages to customers during the emotional highpoint of the buying process, we have found that most buyers are compelled to upload and share these videos with family and friends via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email and other social media platforms. Best of all, results from each viral marketing campaign are being monitored, quantified and reported back to the dealers. For more information or a demonstration call 800.799.3130 or visit www.vboost.com.