Vboost Growing Fast: Over 250,000 Photo Packages Sent to Auto Dealership Customers

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20 Apr Vboost Growing Fast: Over 250,000 Photo Packages Sent to Auto Dealership Customers

Vboost “Customercials” Increase Viral Shares, Views, and Responses with Customers’ Friends & Family

Huntington Beach, CA – April 20, 2015 – Vboost Inc., (www.vboost.com), a viral marketing company focused on the auto industry, today announced that its video/photo packages produced for auto dealer customers have hit some big milestones. To date, Vboost has sent 250,000 photo communications on behalf of its dealer clients, of which nearly 70 percent have been shared, resulting in nearly 2 million customer views/impressions. The company is also enjoying unprecedented growth and has acquired over 3,500 Vboost application users in just over 3 years.

“We tried other photo sharing/social media tools but nothing has come close to the results we get with Vboost – it’s highly effective. The share rates and video views produced by this viral marketing platform are beyond compare. It gives us a significant competitive advantage,” said Bill Stephens, General Manager, Cerritos Infiniti.

Vboost has created a quick and easy process to capture photos at the time of vehicle delivery and quickly gets those “branded” photos out to the customer. The captured photos are stitched into a slideshow set to music. Now the customer becomes the dealer advocate by posting/sharing the photos and/or videos. These videos are shared via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms, as well as emailed and texted to the customer’s friends and family. Vboost then monitors and quantifies results from each viral marketing campaign and reports back to their dealers. The Vboost Viral Marketing Platform delivers and tracks thousands of viral messages monthly – all designed to create referral business for its dealers. Some Vboost dealers are enjoying customer share rates over 70 percent, with more than 1,000 video views every month. These results go beyond simple page views — they reflect customers that are actually clicking and watching the dealership “Customercials.”

“A message coming from a friend is more likely to be viewed. And with the friend in the video, the impression left has much more impact than traditional marketing,” said Paul Moran, Vboost President and CEO. “Friends and family have the greatest potential to influence a customer’s buying decision – and that’s where Vboost comes in — it leverages the customer’s social network to promote car dealers,” Moran continued.

The program, built by automotive experts just for car dealers, is a photo taking process that customer’s love. It is so simple and fast, even low tech team members find it easy to use. Customers have the option of sharing their customized video, or any of their photos taken at delivery. They can also connect directly to their sales rep and dealership sites – post public reviews, and book their first service appointment – all from the Vboost landing page. Dealer personnel can even walk a customer through posting an online public review directly from the Vboost platform on the customer’s cell phone.

Dealers can also add offers for their sold customers through their very first communication, which reach the customer before they even leave the dealership. Once the message is shared, the offer changes, so as to be more compelling for these new prospects.

“Instead of trying to lure customers to the dealer’s marketing sites, we get the dealer’s marketing message to the consumer through their friends and family. Vboost reaches a previously unreachable audience. Our dealers are fast realizing that connecting with customers on their terms has a positive impact that traditional marketing will never see,” Moran stated.

To view a sample “Customercial,” click here.

And to find out more about Vboost play this video.

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About Vboost:

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Vboost, Inc., is the first proactive process to bring more referral business to dealers by creating positive viral marketing that is delivered quickly and gets shared. It involves a streamlined process via a mobile application and three unique technologies, which collect customer photos at the time of vehicle delivery, convert them to custom music videos and sends them directly to the cust omer. By sending these branded messages to customers during the emotional highpoint of the buying process, we have found that most buyers are compelled to upload and share these videos with family and friends via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email and other social media platforms. Best of all, results from each viral marketing campaign are being monitored, quantified and reported back to the dealers. For more information or a demonstration call 800.799.3130.